• Sardar Patel Award
Sardar Patel

Established in 1999, the Sardar Patel award is annually conferred by the Center for India and South Asia at UCLA. An endowment was created by funds donated by the Friends of the Sardar Patel Association provided to the UCLA


The award was created to honor the best doctoral dissertation on any aspect of modern India - social sciences, humanities, education and fine arts - in any U.S. University or academic institution awarding the Ph.D.

The award continues to this day, honoring the legacy of Sardar Patel.



Dr. Sarath Pillai, University of Chicago
Federal Futures: Imagining Federation, Constitution, and World in Late Colonial India


Dr. Ketaki Jaywant, University of Minnesota
Secularizing Caste: Mapping Nineteenth-Century Anti-caste Politics in Western India


Dr. Ahona Panda, University of Chicago
Philology and the Politics of Language: The Case of Bengali, 1893-1955


Dr. Sahana Ghosh, Yale University
Borderland orders: Gendered economies of mobility and security across the India-Bangladesh border


Dr. Rebecca Whittington, UC Berkeley
Tug-of-Ear: The Play of Dialect in Modern Bengali and Tamil Literature


Dr. Alpen Sheth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Cultivating Risk: Weather Insurance, Technology and Financialization in India 


Dr. Aniket Aga, Yale University
Genetically Modified Democracy: The Science and Politics of Transgenic
Agriculture in Contemporary India


Dr. Isabel Huacuja Alonso, University of Texas at Austin
Radio for the Millions: Hindi-Urdu Broadcasting at the Crossroads of Empire


Dr. Benjamin Siegel, Harvard University
Independent India of Plenty: Food, Hunger, and Nation-Building in Modern India


Dr. Uday Chandra, Yale University
Negotiating Leviathan: Statement and Resistance in the Margins of Modern India


Dr. Tariq Ali, Harvard University
The Envelope of Global Trade: The Political Economy and Intellectual History of Jute in the Bengal Delta, 1850s to 1950s


Dr. Nikhil Anand, Stanford University
Infrapolitics: The Social Life of Water in Mumbai


Dr. Tariq Thachil, Cornell University
The Saffron Wave Meets the Silent Revolution: Why the Poor Vote for Hindu Nationalism in India


Dr. Gayatri A. Menon, Cornell University
Living Conditions: Citizens, 'Squatters,' and the Politics of Accommodation in Mumbai


Dr. Jahnavi Phalkey, Georgia Institute of Technology
Science, State-Formation and Development: The Organization of Nuclear Research In India.


Dr. Bhavani Raman, University of Michigan
Document Raj: Scribes and Writing Under Early Colonial Rule in Madras, 1771-1860.


Dr. Gillian Goslinga, University of California Santa Cruz
The Ethnography of a South Indian God: Virgin Birth, Spirit Possession and the Prose of the Modern World.


Dr. Michael Youngblood, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cultivating Identity: Agrarian Mobilization and the Construction of Collective Interest in Contemporary Western India.




Dr. Sarah Pinto, Princeton University
Casting Desire: Reproduction, Loss and Subjectivity in Rural North India.

Dr. Milind Wakankar, Columbia University
The Prehistory of the Popular: Caste and Canonicity in Indian Modernity.


Dr. Farina Mir, Columbia University
The Social Space of Language: Punjabi Popular Narrative in Colonial India, c. 1850-1900.

Dr. Rachel Sturman, University of California Davis
Family Values: Refashioning Property and Family in Colonial Bombay Presidency, 1818-1937.


Dr. David Stuligross, University of California Berkeley
A Piece of Land to Call One's Own: Federalism and Institutional Innovation in India.


Dr. Srirupa Roy, University of Pennsylvania
Divided We Stand: Diversity and National Identity in India.

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